A Complete Chemistry Measurement System For Monitoring Cell Culture Media

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Tue Jun 29 20:05:14 EST 1999

Do you have a need to improve the manufacturing yield and quality of
your  bioreactor media?
Would you like to reduce the number of steps and the amount of time
required to deliver results?
Would the potential of significantly decreasing assay costs appeal to
How about simultaneous analysis of the following parameters: pH, pO2,
pCO2, Glutamine, Glutamate, Glucose, Lactate, Ammonium, Na, Ca?
With the touch of a single button?
And only 0.5 mL sample size?
With results in 4.0 minutes maximum?
Go to
and fill out this form. A representative will contact you shortly!

Here’s some more information.
1. Direct sampling from syringes, test tubes, flasks, pipette, batch
tray and soon direct online mode-connect to multiple bioreactors and
automate analysis frequency.
2. Automatic calibration with NIST referenced standards to assure
measurement accuracy.
3.   Reduce cost-per-test to between $0.50 and $1.50 per test. The cost
recovery time for the analyzer is often just a few months.
4. On board test and Quality Control data storage. Soon a Data Manager
Computer System with touch-screen…perfect for managing data from
automated online sampling option.
5. 24/7 free technical assistance.
6. Field Support available 365 days a year.
7. Full onsite installation and training on operation, software and

Technically speaking……
1. Direct Methodologies: pH, pO2, pCO2, Glutamine, Glutamate, Glucose,
Lactate, Ammonium, Na, Ca, Cell Density(coming soon)
2. Calculated Parameters: Osmolality, Total CO2, Bicarbonate, Air
Saturation, CO2 Saturation
3. Sample Size: 0.5 mL
4. Optional Accessories: Bar code reader, Windows-based data management
system, mobile workstation cart with UPS power supply, programmable
online sampler, batch testing capability
5. Certifications: ISO 9001, EN 46000, CSA (NRTL), GS, CE
6. Physical Characteristics: 46cm x 56cm x 48cm, 70lbs(31kg)

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