Erythrocyte ghosts

Pierre Juteau pierre.juteau at inrs-iaf.uquebec.ca
Wed Jun 30 16:21:50 EST 1999

Concerning separation of blood cells and bacteria, a self-generating density
gradient that could be created with Percoll (Pharmacia) or similar products
should work


"William J. Mason" wrote:

> I am curious if any of you know or have a protocol for creating
> erythrocyte ghosts.  These are RBCs that have been gently lysed to remove
> the hemoglobin and then "resealed" for purposes of studying the plasma
> memb.
> Also, would any of you have a good protocol for separating bacteria from
> blood cells (ie. bacteria from a blood culture).  Centrifugation at varied
> speeds and times typically sediments most of the bacteria with the RBCs.
> Thanks for your help,
> Jeff Mason
> University of Arkansas, Biological Sciences/Microbiology
> wmason at comp.uark.edu
> http://comp.uark.edu/~wmason

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