Screening for bacteria, fungi, parasites

Lynne Hatton lynne.hatton1 at virgin.net
Wed Jun 30 16:33:05 EST 1999

Filtration is the easiest way.  You need a .45micron membrane filter.  You
can put this onto a medium and incubate for bacterial/fungal growth and can
use staining techniques for parasites - I assume you are thinking of
Cryptosporidium.  If you have heavily contaminated water then centrifugation
of relatively small amounts is an option for culturing/staining of the

Paul and Kimberly Liska <pliska at istar.ca> wrote in message
news:8J5d3.13$gs.165603 at NewsRead.Toronto.iSTAR.net...
> Hello:
> I am wondering if anyone can provide me with a good method or technique
> screening a sample such as water for bacteria, fungi, and parasites. Thank
> you.

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