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Ryan Eagan ree0129 at epix.net
Fri Aug 4 10:16:00 EST 2000

This isn't my field, but let me see if I remember my readings correctly:

The only theory I can come up with is:

Alzheimer's has been found to be caused by a defect in the brain's immune
system (yes, it has sort of one).  What causes the problems is that the
immune system seems go into overdrive, producing enzymes that eventually
destroy brain cells of a type, causing the mental deteriation.

Perhaps a tramatic injury to the head could start or amplify this process.
It's been said that the start of Alzheimer's can be as early as one's 20's,
but undectable for years to come.

Don't quote me, I'm mostly speculating on information that I've probably not
fully comprehended, but maybe it will help you with a search for an answer.


"Danny White" <webmaster at whitebag.com> wrote in message
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> please bear with a fellow who knows nothing about this subject. but
> to. I read today in Time where Alzheimer's could be caused by trauma to
> head.  If Alzheimer's is caused by a gene, how does a trauma affect this?
> thank you for your patience
> greg

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