C. pneumoniae & brain trauma?

Russ tryggvi at email.msn.com
Fri Aug 4 11:33:11 EST 2000

> Danny White wrote:
> > I read today in Time where Alzheimer's could be caused by trauma to the
> > head.  If Alzheimer's is caused by a gene, how does a trauma affect

        I'm not an expert on microbiology or Alzheimer's, but I remember
reading that Balin et al. found a bacterium called Chlamydia pneumoniae
(CPN) in the brains of 17 of 19 Alzheimer's patients, and in only 2 of 19
controls in 1998. Maybe a brain injury makes people more susceptible to CPN

        Are there any mechanisms whereby an injury would make a person more
susceptible to such an infection?

Russ Farris

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