The immune system vs. Creationism

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I've come to the conclusion that the human immune system is the
strongest argument possible against Creationism.

I know what you mean but suggesting that Creationism is right or wrong
smacks of arguments about the "Truth".

Now if you reword it and say that Creationism is bereft of any power in
manipulating, understanding and predicting the consequences of the
system then I'd say 100% correct.

I believe (though many still seem to think that I am verging on the
margins or crankery) that the immune system is the strongest evidence
yet that a gradualistic shell on shell accumulation of functional
facilities led to the mammalian "immune" system. The phlogiston article
at my web site makes this perfectly clear (I hope). The details may
well be wrong but it straightaway makes it absolutely plain that a
gradual progression of addition shells will probably explain, not only
the evolution (phylogeny) of the system but also the development
(ontogeny) of it in a singel individual. Furthermore, it shows how it
is probably "rolled out" as insults are levelled at it.

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