The immune system vs. Creationism

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Mon Aug 7 22:54:09 EST 2000

>>         Thanks for asking. :-)
>>         I have a chronic Chlamydophila (Chlamydia) pneumoniae infection,
>> with all of the respiratory, cardiac, and opportunistic infections that
>> with it. I have been "cured" twice with macrolides and each time I

I'll keep this about the Chlamydia! It would seem to me that if you get a
bacterial infection repeatedly you are being exposed to it constantly. There
may be 2 possiblilties: a reservoir of infection somewhere in your body that is
not killed off by antibiotics and your immune system, OR a source in your home
or work that keeps exposing you to it.

I don't know if having antibodies to C. pneumo is helpful in keeping the
infection away the next time you are exposed. You can repeatedly get Staph,
Strep, E. coli infections and the immune system doesn't seem to help. As a
matter of fact in certain Strep infections some of the antibodies can attack
your own tissue (Auto immune disease).

I'm not sure about how to go about finding your "source". Do you have any pets?
I swear I cought a bronchitis from my dog when he had pneumonia. The only thing
I cultured from him was Pasturella species. I never cultured my sputum, but my
throat culture was normal.

Hope this helped.

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