The immune system vs. Creationism

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> > Chlamydia infections will be understood quicker if this board remains
> > focussed (and if necessary reforms of the research system are
> > see below).
>         We were focused on immunology until you made a pitch for your

       In my reply I referred you to my book as a source of information most
pertinent to the issues you rise. In North American where self-marketing
skills, rather than ability, are often critical for "success", it is
understandable that you should dismiss this as making a "pitch". And it is
so easy with a few keystrokes to do this, rather than do what is right.

      The latter involves first reading the book, and forming a judgement as
to whether it is in fact pertinent to the issues you rise.  If not, then you
can conclude that I was making a pitch, and let the world know about it. If
it is pertinent, then it is now appropriate that you apologise for imputing
my motives in referring you to the book.

      While the entire book is pertinent to the issues you raise, two
chapters are particularly relevant to someone with your background. It so
happens that these chapters are on the net, at the site below. So you do not
have to move from your computer to get some feel for the information I
suggest you consult.

Sincerely, Donald Forsdyke. Discussion Leader. Bionet.immunology

Go to "A System Analyst Asks about Research Funding" and the following

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