An Observation On Pseudomonas Odor

Yersinia yersinia at cybernex.net
Fri Aug 11 19:22:32 EST 2000

Jay Mone writes,

<No other bacteria comes immediately to mind.  Pseudomonas, in addition 
to producing the greenish pigment, also has a very distinctive, fruity 

You know, Jay, I've been reading and hearing this for years now, about 
the "grape-like" or "fruity" odor of P.aeruginosa. I know my sense of 
smell is good, and every lab I've ever worked in thus far (since 1992) 
has used this organism, among others, as a control bug (for media growth 
promotions, USP preservative efficacy testing, preparatory testing for 
USP microbial limits), so I'm very  "intimate" with it. I've smelled pure 
cultures of it and to me it has NEVER smelled like grapes or any other 
kind of fruit. The pyocyanin I always see, yes, but I never smell the 
odor I'm told it's supposed to have. Could this be the strain? The one I 
always worked with (and still do) is ATCC 9027, and again, it doesn't 
smell like fruit of any kind. No way!  Do any of you others out here 
notice what I do, or does this strain of P.aeruginosa smell like fruit to 
*you*? (Maybe I've been inhaling too many kill loads lately?)



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