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: : Hi, I'm interested in microbiology as a field, in fact my
: : current project is regarding a new method of encephalitis
: : detection, but my real question is about Wash U in St. Louis.
: : I was wondering if anyone here did research there or had
: : gone there. I've heard that they have decent research
: : happening there, but I'm serious about microbiology and
: : would like to talk to anyone about the scale of research
: : happening there, especially in microbio, but also molec,
: : biochem and any other bio sci research. thanks!
: : Natasha
: They are doing good microbiology at Wash U.  Their grad program is very
: highly ranked, and I interviewed there in 1999.  The thing I personally
: didn't care for was the attitude of many of the researchers.  Almost all
: of them are doing pathogenesis research- and I got the impression they
: think they are saving the world and are therefore better than everyone
: else.  It's a phenomenon I've observed at many other schools- that
: pathogenesis researchers think they're better than basic scientists- but
: it was very prevalent at Wash U.
: Also, I don't know if this matters at all, but the incoming classes for
: the Microbiology Program there for the past two years have EACH only had
: 2-3 students.  They accepted at least 20 people the year I interviewed,
: many people turned them down to go to other schools for whatever reason.
I think computer science is sucking up talent at an unbelievable rate.
When a college grad can start at 50K it takes he shine of a lot of other

I would recommend that any science student get a good background in
computer science. If you can pick up some classes in embedded systems,
sensors and controls I would strongly advise you take them.  Computers are
in every field of science and there will be more.

I think micro will be a great field. The new tools and discoveries are
coming so fast it is unbelievable.
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