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I work with lactobacilli and I use the MRS medium (Difco laboratories, Detroit, Mi, USA). This is a medium widely applied to lactobacilli growth (See: De Man, Rogosa and Sharpe, 1960, Journal of Applied Bacteriology, vol.23, pp.130-135). If you only want to grow the lactobacilli, it's an adequate medium.  But if you want to isolate some bacterial products, like expolysaccharides, you must have to use a mineral medium.  It is possible to identify lactobacilli species by differential plating,if you don't know which strain you're working with (See: Charteris et al., 1997, International Journal of Food Microbiology, vol.35, pp.1-27). I hope these informations will help you!
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  The speciation of lactobacillus, as described in Bergey's manual can be performed using the API 50 CHL kit supplied by Biomerieux. It's a little expensive- but so is purchasing all those sugars and makign up the solutions!
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    Dear Netters,

    I need information how to identify Lactobacillus species. I´ve seraching on the Bergey´s manual, but I need to know the culture media base for sugars, aminoacids, etc.

    Thank you in advance.

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