Microbiology at Washington University in St. Louis

So What paojgre at tamu.edu
Mon Aug 14 13:46:32 EST 2000

I NORMALLY recommend that students stay away from graduate study in the

HOWEVER, if you have been accepted at Washington St. Louis, you would be
wise to consider entering their program.

I've a very very high regard for Dr. Roy Curtiss--

Don't know much about others there, but overall it seems to be one of the
best places you could go to school.

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natasha47NOnaSPAM at aol.com.invalid says...
>Hi, I'm interested in microbiology as a field, in fact my
>current project is regarding a new method of encephalitis
>detection, but my real question is about Wash U in St. Louis.
>I was wondering if anyone here did research there or had
>gone there. I've heard that they have decent research
>happening there, but I'm serious about microbiology and
>would like to talk to anyone about the scale of research
>happening there, especially in microbio, but also molec,
>biochem and any other bio sci research. thanks!
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