Bacteriophage DNA problems

Julie Thomas ja6thomas at students.bendigo.latrobe.edu.au
Wed Aug 16 00:39:14 EST 2000

I'm extracting phage DNA and trying to perform digests of this DNA.  My
big problem (at present!) is that I run a sample of the DNA on a gel to
check it is OK, then do digests but I've found that some of the digests
when I run them on a gel have a lot more DNA in them than others.  I
suspect my DNA is not resuspending well.  I usually heat it at 37oC for
1/2 hour, as well as leaving it at least overnight.  Has anyone else
have this problem or any ideas how to combat it (I'm not sure if I
should heat the DNA to a higher temp., leave it longer, all I know is
that I can't vortex the tubes as it is likely to cause shearing).

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