Identification by biochemical tests

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Thu Aug 17 05:07:02 EST 2000

I am working on DETECTION OF FOOD PATHOGENS BY PCR.My work requires me
to isolate and identify microorganisms from food.Presently I have got
some dichotomous keys downloaded from internet and schemes from some
mannuals for this purpose.I particularly follow the Microbiology Mannual
by Cappiccino and Sherman.I want to know if this mannual is sufficient
for the purpose.If not please help me in finding a reliable scheme of
identification.I have faced many problems during identification of some
microorganisms.Presently,I'll mention one.In the above mentioned mannual
the identification scheme recognises only three species of Bacillus
viz,B.cereus,B.subtilis and B.megatherium.Further,the scheme shows that
all mannitol negative are B.cereus.I took all the mannitol -ve Bacillus
species and ran a PCR reaction using the primers specific for
B.cereus.Do you know what was the result,only some of them showed
positive results.So please guide me.Thanks in advance.

Riyaz Andrabi

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