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>To All,
>Having had an inquiry in response to the recent posting, wondering why I
>became a popular/technical science writer, and if my science writing was
>a retreat from the scientific battlefield, I thought I would briefly
>My journey away from the lab bench was not prompted by funding cuts,
>academic difficulties or the like. Rather, it was because I decided that
>the communication of science was the area where I felt most comfortable
>and was most inclined. The doing of the science was not a comfortable
>zone for me. But it took a long time to shake off the blinders that,
>because I was trained as an academic researcher, that was what I must
>We all contribute to science, if we choose, in different ways. My
>present path is one of many. So far it works for me.
>I hope the explanation is useful to the person who wrote me.
>Cheers, Brian

How about a piece on H-1Bull visas?

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