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Flavius Vespasian wrote:
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> >We all contribute to science, if we choose, in different ways. My
> >present path is one of many. So far it works for me.
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> >I hope the explanation is useful to the person who wrote me.
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> >Cheers, Brian 
> How about a piece on H-1Bull visas?

There have been a number of articles in "Nature" over the
last 4 months that have given an overview of the H-1B
situation. I thought they were reasonably balanced in that
they gave roughly even coverage to both sides of the
lobbying coin, i.e. the 'anti" arguments that have been
bouncing around here, and the "pro" arguments one finds in
trade publications (see the interviews in the July 2000
issue of "Semiconductor International" as examples). If you
measure column inches you'd probably disagree with that
assessment. However, the structure of the articles is such
that the comments about H-1B being essentially a short-term
solution rather than a long-term or strategic solution to
the problems industry claim to face dominate the  concluding
commentary. Furthermore, all the comments infavour of H-1B
are dominated by quotes from politicians and senior
management figures - so I'd suggest that the inherant bias
of most readers of "Nature" would not regard the article as
promoting H-1B, and conclude the opposite or the at the
report is even-handed.

I'd suggest that the existance of these Nature articles
would leave Brian Hoyle's market to 'sell' a balanced, let
alone "anti" article pretty sparse. I'd presume that you
aren't advocating he write another sycophantic "pro"
article, as if we're not saturated already.


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