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Wed Aug 23 22:47:29 EST 2000

It would probably do you a little more good to say more about what these
"credits" in Nature, ASM News, ... academic departments, really are. It
would probably do you some good to say if you consider yourself a
"freelance" writer and for how long you have been doing this. I don't know
what the audience is on the other newsgroups, but on s.r.c I think its
quite low. Your email address indicates a Canadian ISP, but it would have
been good to say what city (as well as country) your are in because some
candidate clients might be more interested if they knew you were, at most,
accross town. What, exactly, you were "into" as a government lab
supervisor would also help you. 

Areas that I know faculty have hired writer-types to help them with work
includ grant proposal as well as manuscript editing, proofreading, and

Other newsgroups you might better post on are all the "*.jobs" newsgroups,
where occassionally a non-computer job in editing or writing shows
up. There is also the www.nasw.org, I think, website where you can meet
other writers and writer-types. 

I'd also advise you to go to your local large university and meet,
face-to-face, potential clients and market directly. I know one PhD who
got plenty of work by doing this.

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On Tue, 22 Aug 2000, Brian Hoyle wrote:

> Hello,
> This post is to introduce myself. I am a former research microbiologist
> (Ph.D., post-doc, Research Fellow) and government lab supervisor, who
> has turned these experiences and my zest as a communicator to the area
> of science writing. My credits include Nature Biotechnology, Nature
> Medicine, American Society for Microbiology News, various popular
> magazines and academic departments.
> If you have a need for science writing services, covering the gamut from
> popular dissemination of your data to peer-journal manuscript
> preparation, I could be of service.
> Please feel free to contact me at this e-mail address or via phone
> (902-835-4401).
> Thank you for your time.
> Sincerely, Brian Hoyle

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