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Thu Aug 24 13:25:18 EST 2000

Also check out Crystal ID from BBL.  I have used both API 20E and Crystal
ID as backup systems for Vitek, which was our primary system.  I personally
think that Crystal ID is WAY easier to inoculate and you can set them up
much faster.  They're a lot easier to handle (rigid as opposed to
flopping).  They must be incubated in a moist environment also, however.
We used an empty tray from their shipping containers, put paper towels in
the bottom, moistened the towels, placed the ID trays inside, and put the
large plastic bag they were shipped in  around the whole deal with a large
clip at one end.  They weren't air tight and provided a moist chamber.  If
you do enough of them, there is software to feed the ID's into, also, as
opposed to using the code book that comes with the system.  If you're using
ID's for food bacteria identification, though, I would check with the
supplier, as I work in a clinical setting.

Judy Dilworth, M.T. (ASCP)

Riyaz Andrabi wrote:

> Hi
> I want to know what are your experiences in working with api-20e kit.I
> tried a lot to contact Biomereux, France for the purchase of this
> identification kit, but they never communicated back.Please let me know
> if there are other suppliers of this kit and if so please convey me
> their addresses.Thanks
> Riyaz Andrabi
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> Before you buy.

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