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In article <39A439D8.46825319 at ee.umanitoba.ca>, derek at ee.umanitoba.ca wrote:
>> How about a piece on H-1Bull visas?
>>There have been a number of articles in "Nature" over the
>last 4 months that have given an overview of the H-1B
>situation. I thought they were reasonably balanced in that
>they gave roughly even coverage to both sides of the
>lobbying coin, i.e. the 'anti" arguments that have been
>bouncing around here, and the "pro" arguments one finds in
>trade publications (see the interviews in the July 2000
>issue of "Semiconductor International" as examples). If you
>measure column inches you'd probably disagree with that
>assessment. However, the structure of the articles is such
>that the comments about H-1B being essentially a short-term
>solution rather than a long-term or strategic solution to
>the problems industry claim to face dominate the  concluding
>commentary. Furthermore, all the comments infavour of H-1B
>are dominated by quotes from politicians and senior
>management figures - so I'd suggest that the inherant bias
>of most readers of "Nature" would not regard the article as
>promoting H-1B, and conclude the opposite or the at the
>report is even-handed.
>I'd suggest that the existance of these Nature articles
>would leave Brian Hoyle's market to 'sell' a balanced, let
>alone "anti" article pretty sparse. I'd presume that you
>aren't advocating he write another sycophantic "pro"
>article, as if we're not saturated already.

I'm suggesting an in depth article, not your typical "he said/she said" that 
passes a journalism these days. I'm talking about one where the journalist 
verifies what "he said" is true before printing it.

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