Why this difference?

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Gary is 100 % correct no reaction in 10 seconds then you got a
negative. You get it wrong and your in La LA land my friend. also wear
gloves and dont sneeze when you are performing the test and run a blank.

Addtional as previously stated all reagents must be fresh  or have
other wise been stored with integrity at the prescribed temeprature.

Most manufactuturers market tests with instructions which have been
specifically optimised..dont ingnore there guide lines.

Good hunting

BEst Milton

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  glum at ozemail.com.au wrote:
> When using manual tests always follow the exact method described in
> the original description if you cooked the stuff yourself or the
> insert if you bought the whole product.
> In routine diagnostic bacteriology I have never believed in
> between so called fast or normal oxidase reaction and so called slow
> reaction.  If you have freshly made reagent an there is no colour
> within 10 seconds the result is negative.
> Gary
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