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We buy all our bioMereux supplies from them directly, but I think you can order
them from any medical supply company. Where do you get your supplies from now?
Did you ask them?

When they came out (too many yrs ago) I thought it was the greatest invention
in microbiology since the Gram stain! It takes common tests and miniturizes
them with a code book. A lot more accurate than the old tubes and percent

As far as reading, the faint pink on the VP is always interpreted as negative -
only a strong pink or red is positive and you have to give it the full 10
The ODC (ornithine decarboxylase) can be a little tricky, but if you read it
through the edge of the cupule you should be able to tell the difference
between a weak pos (yell/orange) and a neg (yell).

Also important is the humidity - fill every tiny cup in the bottom of the tray
with water - a little too much doesn't hurt as long as it doesn't flood the
test strip. Make sure the test cupules are filled properly and don't skimp on
the oil overlays (5 or 6 drops of oil in each anaerobic cupule).

If you have a problem identification there are several keys that help you add
other tests to identify the organism. Sometimes a weak reaction can be counted
both ways to see if it makes a difference.

Good luck with them!

>I want to know what are your experiences in working with api-20e kit.I
>tried a lot to contact Biomereux, France for the purchase of this
>identification kit, but they never communicated back.

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