Help ; dehydrated culture media powder

Colin Davidson c.davidson at biotech.cam.ac.uk
Thu Aug 31 05:05:35 EST 2000

"Simon Lee" <pedlcymd at kornet.net> wrote in message
news:8ol96p$3ti$1 at news2.kornet.net...
Help me.
I am seeking dehydrated culture media powder - McConky agar powder
The quality must be compatable with Difco or BBL and the price must be half
of Difco price.
Is there the appropriate culture media powder ?
Please let me know the web site or email address to buy culture media
satisfing above condition.

Can I suggest that the cheapest way you'll get these is to look up the
recipie and make it up yourself?

Failing that, check different suppliers. The Oxoid stuff as supplied by
Fisher is about half the price of MacConkey agar supplied by Sigma.

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