The immune system vs. Creationism

Bloody Viking nospam at ripco.com
Thu Aug 31 15:14:00 EST 2000

Russ (tryggvi at email.msn.com) wrote:

:         I have forty years of experience solving complex problems. I just

Want a really difficult challenge? Try fixing my shyness problem. A 
race-change is child's play by comparison. Your homework assignment is to 
develop an efficient methof of race change. HINT: I done figured it out... 15 
years ago. So, I can grade you on your homework. In your homework assignment, 
a clue is "vitiligo". Even easier, my secrets have been declassified and put 
on the net for all to enjoy, so it's easier to find out than it was 15 years 

But fixing shyness is way harder than a mere race change. Now, THAT'S a 

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: 100 calories are used up in the course of a mile run.
The USDA guidelines for dietary fibre is equal to one ounce of sawdust.
The liver makes the vast majority of the cholesterol in your bloodstream.

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