Other Viral Terror in New York?

Tom Keske TKeske at mediaone.net
Sat Nov 3 00:09:27 EST 2001


Some New Yorkers thought that the first plane hitting
the World Trade Center was an accident.   As soon as the
second plane hit, then they knew that they were under

The context makes a big difference.  I have not seen it
commented yet, that maybe the recent incidents with
airline terrorism and anthrax would also make it wise to
reconsider a couple earlier incidents.

Remember the TWA Flight 800, that crashed mysteriously
in New York?  There was suspicion of terrorism, but after
lengthy investigation, the FBI tried to blame it on "mechanical

Remember the West Nile virus outbreak among New Yorkers?
There had been talk about Iraq experimenting with this virus,
but the government maintained the line that there was no
evidence of terrorism, and that the outbreak appeared to be

Maybe New York is just extraordinarily jinxed in the last few
years, but I doubt it.   In retrospect, and in context, it looks much
more believable  that both of these incidents were acts of
terrorism.   TWA Flight 800 looks much like United
Air Flight 11.  The West Nile virus outbreak looks much
like the anthrax outbreak.  If it looks enough like a duck,
maybe it really is a duck.

It seems to be characteristic of the government to maintain
a pretense that "everything is normal", until it becomes so
overwhelmingly obvious to the contrary, that they can no
longer deny it.  Why do they do this?

Probably, because they do not want for people to worry
or panic.   An ignorant public is a complacent public.
Also, the government does not want public pressure to
do something.   If no one knows that something needs to
be done, then no one can be critical of their failures to
do anything effective.    They will not be pushed and
pressured into policies that might not suit their own
preferences, and have more latitude to chart their own course..

The government will cover-up, even when it has no
wrong-doing of its own that it is trying to hide.  How
much more effort might they put into a cover-up, when
the affair is one that would damning to their own reputations,
or even land them in prison?

The context is reason for the public also to reconsider one
other peculiar, overlooked incident that was
centered heavily in New York:  the thousands
of gay men who were recruited for government studies with
experimental hepatitis vaccines in the late 1970s.  Before the
experiments began, AIDS was unknown in the United States.
Immediately afterwards, the outbreak was swift and dramatic.

Just a coincidence of timing?  Why was our government
so eager to cure hepatitis in gays, and then so apathetic
about curing the deadlier AIDS?   Why was there so much
experimentation performed with immune-suppressive
retroviruses, just before these gay experiments began?
Just another coincidence of timing, or something requiring
a bit more explaining?

For readers who are not already familiar, there is a detailed
and damning analysis to implicate the role of these government
vaccine experiments:


On Sept. 11, 2001, we saw a demonstration of the depths
of inhumanity and madness to which supposedly "sophisticated"
and well-trained people can sink.   These are universal human traits
to which even advanced nations are not immune.   Murderous
acts of madness must be exposed and rooted out when close to home,
as well as from abroad.

Tom Keske
Boston, Mass.

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