E.coli classification, please?

Tony Stanford tony at stanford.u-net.com
Sat Nov 3 06:39:05 EST 2001

Hi -

Can anyone help with an E.coli classification, please? Briefly, my cats
have suffered persistent recurrent bouts of cystitis which has been
narrowed down to an E.coli infection. A sample bloody discharge was sent
to the Ministry's Veterinary Laboratory Agency.

The typing came back this week. (After 6 months!) I quote the lab
        E.coli isolated is of somatic antigen 06 and capsular antigen
        K+. The isolate was negative for toxins.

My vet tells me that these results indicate that the isolate was
pathogenic, but he does not know what type of E.coli is involved - in
particular he would like to know if this E.coli is a human strain or
not. One theory he entertains is that I or my wife might be a non-
infected carrier of this type of E.coli, and the cats are infecting
themselves by licking us and then themselves, thus transferring the
bacteria. Neither my wife nor I have had any kind of intestinal

Does any knowledgeable member of the group know what kind of E.coli is
suggested by somatic antigen 06 and K+? My vet is attempting to find

Grateful for help.


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