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Emir Khatipov khatipovNO at NOuchicago.edu
Mon Nov 12 13:16:40 EST 2001

you are asking very general questions, i.e. those that require long answers
that does not fit the format of a newsgroup. I suggest you to get a book on
bioinformatics and gene analysis from your library and figure out what you
want to do further with your gene. I figure you already defined the ORF,
which means you might want to assign function to your gene. Try psi-blast,
or COG (clusters of orthologous groups) - both tools are at NCBI
(www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov). You may want to predict some structural features of
your protein - go to www.expasy.ch/tools ... for everything else use the www
search engines to find info that you are looking for, check websites of
major molbio suppliers, like Stratagene, Invitrogen, Novagen, ...


"Xiangzhen Sui" <xsui at purdue.edu> wrote in message
news:3BEC3983.7C8065CC at purdue.edu...
> Dear Sir. :
> After I get the partial sequence for a gene ( about 1kb in 2kb), Can I
> do gene analysis, what kind gene analysis I shold do ( I have done
> blastn and blastx)?  Which kind of software should I use?  which
> expression system do you use for you work? Do you know something about
> yeast expression system?
> Thanks.
> sui

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