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Tue Nov 13 19:56:56 EST 2001

Did you try searching the net for, e.g., "pathogenic bacteriology course"? I
just did and one of the pages I found could be used as an example (if that
is what you are asking about). The page is at
http://www.bact.wisc.edu/Bact330/330Lecturetopics .
There might be many others, but I did not check. Go to good search engines,
like AltaVista.com , or msn.com . A good source of visual aids could be
links at ASM website (asmusa.org), e.g. MicrobeWorld
http://www.microbeworld.org/ , others like Annenberg/CPB project
http://www.learner.org/ ....
Hope this helps.
Emir Khatipov
University of Chicago

"Glenn Songer" <gsonger at u.arizona.edu> wrote in message
> I am embarking on the teaching of a pathogenic bacteriology lab for
> upper division undergraduates.  Can anyone suggest paradigms which I
> can consider as I build this course?  Thanks.
> Glenn
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