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> I asked NCIMB: they didn't know the arthrobacter and polymyxa gram-stain
> had no data concerning the potential B-gal activities... and I couldn't
> the data for the specific strains described below in the "Bergey's"... I'm
> maybe blind... please help!!!
Paenibacillus used to be Bacillus, so that's gram positive.
Arthrobacters can be what my microbiology teacher used to call "gram
dodgy" - they vary with age, etc.
Thiobacillus novellus is now Starkeya novellus - it grows happily on minimal
medium with reduced sulphur compounds.

It seems possible that many other of these strains have also simply changed
their names. I suggest that you gott o this wonderful site:
http://www.bacterio.cict.fr/index.html and look them up. If they were ever
recognised species, they will be here, together with their new names if
they've been reclassified. The site also gives the references for the
descriptive papers.
Lesley Robertson

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