denaturating agarose gel electrophoresis

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Sat Nov 17 09:13:24 EST 2001

I would try books on physical biochemistry.  One that I came across recently was:
Physical Biochemistry, Principles and Applications by David Sheehan
(ISBN 0471986631).  It has a chapter devoted to the physical basis of
electrophoresis (various kinds). Yes, it has a good list of references.

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Urs Lewandrowski wrote:

> Hi,
> I´m looking for the chemical principle behind denaturating formaldehyde gel
> electrophoresis (agarose gels for RNA identification). Does anyone know, how
> exactly the formaldehyde interacts with RNA or where the denaturating effect
> comes from? A link to tech. lit (primary literature) would be best!
> Thanks
> Urs Lewandrowski
> urs.lewandrowski at ruhr-uni-bochum.de

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