req: scientist researcher worker for interview

blewer blewer at free.fr
Tue Nov 20 09:52:10 EST 2001

I introduce myself, I'm a student from a scientist university named Paul
Sabatier in Toulouse & I'm looking for a researcher in microbiology or
cellular biology in order to have an interview.
If somebody can devote a few of his time, please try to answer with
pertinence! It would only take about 5mn!

*how does a banal day occur?
*does this job satisfy you? what is your point of view about the status of
the scientist research on that time?!
*what are the difficulties socialy & professionaly?
*what are you keen on this job?

*what kind of studies did you follow & is there another way to reach the
same statut as your?
Were your studies very difficult?
Did you need a vocation for this job?
*Do you think that this job would evoluate a long time again?!

*Except your link or contact in your job, do you have some in another sector
of activity?
*Do you know other persons who do the same job as your in other center of

*what do you think about a project on searching  the meiose functions of
eucaryots cells?
(why only some cells can do that? Can we handle this part of the cells
One of the project of mine would be studying this kind of behavior in order
to prevent from any drift like cloning for sterils couples!!
If you ever have an opinion about it I'll be interested in!!

*and finally what are your wages?

some question may seem obvious but I'll need them to compare them with what
scientist magazine say nowaday!!

Thx in advance

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