Setting up a muthagenesis lab practical

Joaquin Royo joaquin.royo at uah.es
Mon Oct 15 10:36:45 EST 2001

Hi everybody,
I am trying to set up a muthagenesis lab practical for university students. My initial idea is to start from a E. coli strain harbouring the wt Bluescript SK, treating it with a muthagen, plating and selecting white colonies. Plasmid DNA from these colonies would be prepared and sequenced to find out problems in the lacZ gene. Now, the questions: what muthagen would you use, UV ligth would be OK?. Any suggestions about where to find out protocols for muthagenesis using UV or any other better muthagen you know?.
Thank you in advance.

Joaquin Royo
Dpto. Biologia Celular y Genetica
Univ. Alcala
28871 Alcala de Henares (Madrid)
FAX: 34-91-8854799
e-mail: joaquin.royo at uah.es
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