What is the value of knowing a yeast gene's function?

Michael Sadovsy uvenal at ktk.ru
Tue Oct 30 22:11:53 EST 2001

czhu at x-mine.com (Chang Zhu) wrote:
> Suppose we know functions of a number of yeast genes whose functions
> were not known before, what is the value of this information?

And what do you undrstand on the "value of that information"? A
knowledge and an information are not the same. One of the possible
answers is that the knowledge of the function is a sort of a labelling
of the sequence. Another possible answer is that the knowledge of
function allows to develop a reliable hypothesis on a similarity of
the given sequence to other one with the same (or close) function.
Here, I am to say, a lot of discrepancies may occur...

So, could you specify your question, please.

> Thanks a lot for your help.
> Chang Zhu
> X-mine
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