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Probably both strains will grow on both media.
How are you going to differentiate the strains?

					Andrew S Heath
Oral Microbiol Immunol 1997 Apr;12(2):72-6
Effects of acidification on growth and glycolysis
of Streptococcus sanguis and Streptococcus mutans.

   Takahashi N, Horiuchi M, Yamada T.

	Material and methods
   		Bacterial strains

S. mutans NCTC 10449 and S. sanguis ATCC 10556 were used in this study. 
These bacteria were maintained on blood agar plates. The purity of the 
culture was confirmed by plating on blood agar and mitis-salivarius agar 
(BBL Microbiology Systems, Cockeysville, MD).

wolfreed at yahoo.com wrote: : I am a high school junior who is doing a
science fair project involving two bacteria colonies, Streptoccus mutans
and Streptococcus sanguis. I plan to observe them over a 3-4 week period;
however, I need to know the protocol & procedure for growing these two
colonies before my project can be approved. So far, I only know that these
aerobic bacteria (which cause dental plaque & reside in the oral cavity)
must be incubated at a temperature of 37 degrees Celsius and that S.
mutans grows on brain-heart infusion agar while S. sanguis grows on blood
agar. If any microbiology experts are feeling altruistic out there, please
help me. Thanks!

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