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> We make virtually no media nowadays, as there just isn't time. In the
> olden days we had ladies in our "kitchen" who would wash out all the
> tubes after autoclaving and then we would recycle everything. Sadly that
> is not done any more. It seems like a waste, but hospitals would rather
> buy everything than pay benefits to anyone to make the stuff. It seems
> pretty dumb to me.
> Judy Dilworth, M.T. (ASCP)
> Microbiology

When I started in microbiology, the kitchen was where everybody began -
media prep, plugging pasteur pipettes, cleaning glassware, sterilising
equipment and autoclaving waste from the banches. I remember the messiest
medium was Robertson's meat broth (mostly used for blood cultures then) and
the worst was Stuart's transport medium (the smell is still with me decades

It seems only microbiologists use the term "kitchen" - I haven't found
anyone from other lab disciplines who use the term.


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