List of Best Science Books

Gordon D. Pusch gdpusch at NO.xnet.SPAM.com
Thu Dec 12 10:03:55 EST 2002

jupiter_scientific at yahoo.com (Jupiter Scientific) writes:

> A list of the top-selling scientific books at Amazon.com including
> those in physics has been compiled at
> http://www.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.org/sciinfo/bestbooks.html
> Readers of this newsgroup should find this information useful if they
> are looking for a good science book as a gift for the holiday season.
>                     ---
> This posting is brought to you by Jupiter Scientific, an organization
> dedicated to the promotion of science and scientific education through
> books, the internet, and other means of communication
>     http://www.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.org

Still bait-and-switch SPAMming to try and suck people into your silly
little one-book website, eh, Gehzi?  Do you ever actually sell _any_ 
of those ``Bible according to Einstein'' books using this scam ???

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