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Any scientist with the knowhow can go to almost any cattle grazing field in
several states and culture Bacillus anthrasis from the ground. If I remember
right there was an outbreak in Texas a few years ago and 10,000 cattle died
from it.

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> Date: 12 Dec 2002 10:49:45 -0800
> Subject: Anthrax
> Apprently the Anthrax strain used in the U.S attacks has been traced
> to USAMRID, a tragic attempt to raise goverment funding?
> What do the rest of the group think.
> What worries me is just how easy it is to get hold of virulent
> strains, and not just from labs dealing with human pathology,
> veterinary labs would have far more access to potentially lethal bugs,
> I know there is a focus on security upgrades and accountability, but
> there are plently of other bugs that could cause serious problems to
> the global community if the wrong people get hold of them, just look
> at some of the avian influenza strains originating in china...

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