Fecal Coliforms - Water Samples - Holding Times -also R2A Medium

Jorge1907 jorge1907 at aol.comcomm
Thu Dec 19 19:02:46 EST 2002

John et al.

We often cite Standard Methods for Water and Wastewater - assuming its authors
have done the needed research of the literature.
I ahve a recent observation on R2A medium that i found troubling.  Standard
methods says it may be incubated at 35C as well as at a lowet temp and one lab
I recently visited had assumed this meant the bugs grew faster.
However, i recently came across Geldreich's original description of R2A and saw
the growth plots clearly showing one to almost 2 log differneces between 35 and
28C incubation times.
Does any of you have data saying the yields are more similar or justifying 35C?
 I found nothing at PubMed.
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