Fecal Coliforms - Water Samples - Holding Times -also R2A Medium

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R2A is designed as a low nutrient medium. For optimal counts, incubate at
20-25 C (room temp is OK) for 7 days (in the dark).  Best to count the
plates using a magnified colony counter as many colonies will be very small.
35 C is not an good incubation temperature for most natural waterborne
bacteria.  35 C is used for coliform and bacteria of fecal origin as it more
closely mimics the warm gut environment.
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> John et al.
> We often cite Standard Methods for Water and Wastewater - assuming its
> have done the needed research of the literature.
> I ahve a recent observation on R2A medium that i found troubling.
> methods says it may be incubated at 35C as well as at a lowet temp and one
> I recently visited had assumed this meant the bugs grew faster.
> However, i recently came across Geldreich's original description of R2A
and saw
> the growth plots clearly showing one to almost 2 log differneces between
35 and
> 28C incubation times.
> Does any of you have data saying the yields are more similar or justifying
>  I found nothing at PubMed.
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