chloramines as disinfectants

Leigh Davenport eureka at gil.com.au
Wed May 1 15:05:27 EST 2002

Not sure if this is the appropriate newsgroup.
I run a plant nursery. I am looking for an economical form of water
treatment to kill pathogens in recycled irrigation water and the local
Department of Primary Industries has been completely evasive about this
My question is:-
Because I have a high concentration of ammonium ions in the recycled water,
the chlorine which I add to the water immediately reacts to form
chloramines. According to the information I have, chloramines are a much
slower acting biocide than HOCL. The question is, with enough contact time
is it possible  that the chloramines could do the job and, what sort of
contact time are we talking about.

If this is not the correct newsgroup could somebody point me in the right
direction or recommend any books or other publications.

Thanks in advance
Leigh Davenport

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