chloramines as disinfectants

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Wed May 1 23:59:30 EST 2002

u are right. u will need a much longer contact time to achieve the same
bacteria kill. i can't give a figure off hand, but i guess it will be in the
order of 100 times that of chlorine.

try some references from water supply/ environmental engineering. u might
have better luck posting to the civil or chemical engr newgp.


"Leigh Davenport" <eureka at gil.com.au> wrote in message
news:vtXz8.1031$N9.86303 at ozemail.com.au...
> Hi,
> Not sure if this is the appropriate newsgroup.
> I run a plant nursery. I am looking for an economical form of water
> treatment to kill pathogens in recycled irrigation water and the local
> Department of Primary Industries has been completely evasive about this
> question.
> My question is:-
> Because I have a high concentration of ammonium ions in the recycled
> the chlorine which I add to the water immediately reacts to form
> chloramines. According to the information I have, chloramines are a much
> slower acting biocide than HOCL. The question is, with enough contact time
> is it possible  that the chloramines could do the job and, what sort of
> contact time are we talking about.
> If this is not the correct newsgroup could somebody point me in the right
> direction or recommend any books or other publications.
> Thanks in advance
> Leigh Davenport

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