Repeating Decimal SalmonFly at attbi.com
Thu May 2 22:17:20 EST 2002

in article aas6nu$hpb$1 at knossos.btinternet.com, Graham Shepherd at
muhero.nospam at globalnet.co.uk wrote on 5/2/02 1:14 PM:

>> I would think reusing microscope slides would be a pain. You'd have to
>> clean them off, they stick together, and would generally be much more
>> trouble than they're worth. I would buy a few boxes and be done with it.
> I'm sure he doesn't need the slides sterile - steeping them in hypochlorite
> solution overnight and then washing is probably sufficient. Might be enough
> for the  testtubes too.

My microscopy has been as a hobby. Maybe things have changed, but when I
bought a box of "pre-cleaned" microscope slides, they were filthy! I would
have to wash and dry them. I presume that truly clean slides can be
purchased. Was I just paying too little?


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