Shaun Jones Bcereus at cablANTISPAMeinet.co.uk
Fri May 3 11:21:38 EST 2002

Thanks guys for all your input.

The slides I refer to are a mixture of standard plain ones and Mc Master
Counting Chambers.  Although I could throw away the standard ones after use
the Mc master ones definitely require cleaning for reuse.

I am afraid that purchasing a cheap £800 autoclave is beyond my means
currently and it can't be justified for what I want to do just now.  The
centrifuge I got just skint me out! ( www.science-exchange.com  - Very
helpful ).

The hypochlorite soak is very attractive as an option - Would it corrode the
slides - the graduations from them?  What do you wash them in after?

My main concern is that I often find worm eggs and alike and I have to be
confident about the way I clean the test tubes, slides, etc.  I just need a
cheap effective means of cleaning biologically hazardous testtubes and


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