lamb loes at chello.nl
Sat May 4 16:31:17 EST 2002

Rene wrote:

> > My microscopy has been as a hobby. Maybe things have changed, but when I
> > bought a box of "pre-cleaned" microscope slides, they were filthy! I would
> > have to wash and dry them. I presume that truly clean slides can be
> > purchased. Was I just paying too little?
> >
> > Bill
> Basically what it means it that they cleaned the glass before they cut
> it.
> The dirt is leftover from cutting and grounding the edges. In the bad
> old days you (could) had grease on them.
> R.

My very first task when I started in microbiology ...... fishing slides out of a
glass jar with alcohol and polishing them with a clean cotton cloth .......
Very depressing .......

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