Equine Paratyphoid (Salmonella abortus equi)

Tompsonhill onthe at eastcoast.net
Mon May 6 14:06:56 EST 2002

Jorge1907 wrote:

> your taxonomy is incorrect - binomials are the rule.

You can put 100 microbiologists in a room and when they start discussing

the nomenclature of salmonellae, a fist fight is sure to erupt.  (We are
not talking about taxonomy, we are talking about the  proper naming of

can you live with
S. choleraesuis  serovar Abortus equi?
S. enterica ser. Abortus equi?

Yes, generally binomials are the rule-- and here we have one genus,
Salmonella, one species, choleraesuis or enterica ,  depending on your
affiliation,  and a bazillion serovars or serotypes.

I'm from the old school.  I'd stick with S. abortus suis.  Exceptions to
the rules
can be allowed, NO?

There is only one person in the world who knows this subject.  We
haven't found
him yet.

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