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> > It's mostly a matter of training - sometimes the best way to deal with a
> > small lab fire is completely counter-intuitive - such as quenching a
> burning
> > cotton-wool bung with your hand. Lab instincts - especially microbiology
> > instincts - are different from normal people's.
> >
> > GS
> Not as someone did to a tray of burning meths and try to put it out with a
> CO2
> fire extinguisher. All the subsequent little fires were very pretty.
> He's now our safety officer :-s
> Dave
Of course he is - he got the lab nice and sterile, didn't he?
My favourite was an early biosafety instruction that work tables had to be
wiped down with phenol at the end of the day, which was displayed in the
same frame as a general safety instruction that phenol should only be
handled in a fume cupboard with gloves and extreme caution....
I don't know why I'm laughing, mind you - for my sins, I'm the biosafety
Lesley Robertson

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