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Wed May 8 15:20:58 EST 2002

Lesley Robertson wrote:

> "Dave" <david.lawton1 at spamfreezonentlworld.com> wrote in message
> > Not as someone did to a tray of burning meths and try to put it out with a
> > CO2 > fire extinguisher. All the subsequent little fires were very pretty.
> > He's now our safety officer :-s
> >
> > Dave
> >
> Of course he is - he got the lab nice and sterile, didn't he?
> My favourite was an early biosafety instruction that work tables had to be
> wiped down with phenol at the end of the day, which was displayed in the
> same frame as a general safety instruction that phenol should only be
> handled in a fume cupboard with gloves and extreme caution....
> I don't know why I'm laughing, mind you - for my sins, I'm the biosafety
> officer!
> Lesley Robertson
> http://www.beijerinck.bt.tudelft.nl

Safety officers should definitely be kept out of the lab area!


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