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> I've been a microbiologist since 1964, and a  newsgroup lurker since
> the IBM 286.
> I've posted with a variety of aliases but that is another story.
> This thread is one of the best.
> The writers conclusion "one has to be utterly insane to work in
> is  understatement.
> I should have learned that 35 years ago when a hot flask fresh from the
> touched the cold lab bench, with the somewhat predictable result that the
> hide was burned off my ankles.
We used to pour plates using a pump dispenser.
You'd have a nozzle in one hand running continuously and controlled the
on/off with a foot pedal.
There'd be a stack of empty petri dishes in front of you and starting at the
bottom you'd
slightly open one dispense the agar and then move on up the stack, all this
done with the pump continually working so if you missed the plate you'd have
agar all over the bench.
The stack of plates would get quite high, about 40 or so, and one woman
managed to tip a whole lot of chocolate agar straight over her head.
Oh she was a mess.


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