John Gentile yjgent at cox.net
Fri May 10 20:18:22 EST 2002

I guess old habits die hard - once in a while I still flame the end of a
tube. I had to cover a micro bench this week, and I just realized that I
never even turned on the bunsen burner! We have been using plastic loops for
a few years now ever since someone blew up the biohazard hood because of a
gas leak.

John Gentile, MS M(ASCP)
yjgent at cox.net

in article 3CDC3F42.C6EFC7C3 at nospamhortonsbay.com, JEDilworth at
bactitech at nospamhortonsbay.com wrote on 5/10/02 5:45 PM:

> That is true :-).
> Judy Dilworth, M.T. (ASCP)
> Microbiology
> lamb wrote:
>> JEDilworth wrote:
>> The difference between plugs and caps.
>> When taking out a plug, there is a good chance of contamination: the end of
>> the
>> tube is not sterile.
>> With a cap that fits over the tube there is no such problem. Unless you touch
>> the
>> rim of the tube with your fingers.

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