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Mon May 13 16:15:39 EST 2002

"lamb" <loes at chello.nl> wrote in message news:3CE01DC7.5C29797B at chello.nl...
> I always worked in a lab with a separate "clean" and "dirty" "kitchen".
Started in
> '68. In the lab itself we made some experimental media. Couldn't trust the
> guys to do it.
> And ...... never forget to add the agar. Saw a beginner once turning a
stack of
> plates over. She had waited long enough - she was a mess. Couldn't
understand why
> her agar didn't gel ........
> Loes
I should have tried that with some of my um "special" media
that I used to get student to make.
One poor lad spent ages trying to make a 1% aqueous solution of water.
Guinea pig agar for growing Legionella was quite good got a student looking
for guinea pig tongues.
I still can't believe that an assistant who had worked in the lab for 5 yrs
fell for the long wait joke.


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