Repeating Decimal SalmonFly at attbi.com
Tue May 14 19:23:38 EST 2002

in article 3CE17039.2CD3C625 at chello.nl, lamb at loes at chello.nl wrote on
5/14/02 1:14 PM:

> Mr JN Goulding wrote:
>> Completly off, but the story of the person sent for a long wait, reminded
>> me of a time when a housemate (having just started work on a ship) was
>> sent to find a spirit level....
>> Jon
> And now I'm crying .......
> Haven't laughed like this all day :-))
> Loes
I don't get these jokes. Did the first guy think that you could buy agar
made from guinea pigs?

With regard to spirit levels, there really are such things. They may not
work all that well on a rolling ship but I have a few myself.


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